Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Deck Building

Last weekend I managed to get the general support frame together for the back patio / deck. Not much else happened over the course of the week.

Progress over Labor Day weekend. Tedious work!

We got a double rainbow in the usual location! I didn't get the camera quick enough and it began to fade.

We decided to widen the top platform and extend the stairs as out fully, which should give a cool complimentary angle to the look of it.

This is Leo. Er, no, I mean say hello to Leona. She is a girl it turns out. She is also a stray that wandered into our yard. We suspect, given her tame nature, that she was abandon here at our place. Seeing the play-set and kid paraphernalia littering the yard, they must have known that we would find it difficult to simply get rid of her. She was going to be our 'out-doors kitty' but .. we are having a change of heart. She may turn into our 'inside kitty' instead! Or both perhaps.

Stairs are on!

All that is left to do here is to finish the top platform, the last few deck boards leading up to the stairs, and put some sort of face boarding on the top and on the bottom of the stairs to pretty it up.

So far we're talking something like ... $1,200 in building material ... 60 some hours of labor ... about 2 cases of beer ... hmm!

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