Monday, August 8, 2011

Roof! Roof!

Our kitchen is starting to fall into place. Slowly we are getting the walls prettied up and getting the rest of the flooring into place. The flooring that we choose is Traffic Master - Alure Ultra. They are 48"x7.5" pieces of vinyl that snap together. Very durable and it looks like real wood! I just have to get up in the attic and move some electric moved around, finish wiring a light switch and a few boxes, get some drywall up and we're pretty much done. Eventually, probably more in the dead of winter, we will complete the floor so that it extends into the guest bedroom down the hall.

Did I mention that we have been replacing our roof? Our current shingled roof has been getting messed up in the recent wind storms and there are a couple of leaks in the lower roof over the band room. The roof is in desperate need of repair - I've been up there so many times to replace shingles and it was just getting worse. Shingles are being blown off .. leaks .. time to replace the roof.

We did some research and decided to go with a steel roof. After doing some shopping around to find companies who would come out and do the work and considering our budget, we decided to do it ourselves along with some hired help and bartering.
It took us a little time to get the hang of what needs to be done, but I feel that we are gaining momentum. Here are some shots of our "practice" roof. The hardest part seems to be the prep work that is required before you can lay boards and doing the valleys. The ridges are a little tricky, too. Pretty neet material to work with. It should all look pretty good when it's done - and I won't have to worry about it until forever.

One of the really nice things about this roofing system is that we don't have to a tear off of the existing shingles. The boards can be applied directly over the current roof. :)

So, with all of this house building going on, you can pretty much guess what is happening to our poor garden. I do plan on having a good guerrilla weeding session SOON!!

Our grapes are coming, though! Next year .. less house work stuff .. more grapes ..

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