Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009

Aiden and Lily in their costumes. This was a funny picture because Aiden *insisted* on taking a picture with this pose, with his head cocked in that direction and his eyes looking off to the other side! What a little actor!

Aiden, beginning to crack up because Lily is immitating him now!

Jason now joining the fray with his "hippy" costume.

Halloween this year was quite different than any that I've ever been witness to. For the most part we stayed at home and did things with our direct family, rather than going to town for Trick-or-Treating. We decided to make candy bags and then go hide them in the woods for the kids to find!

Lily decided that some candy bags ought to have little ghosts inside them! Cute! Aiden would not allow these little cut-outs into his bedroom because they freaked him out. :)

Here is the crack-team at work, hiding the candy bags in the woods!

Boo! A stealthily hidden bag of candy.

Aaaaaaand there off! Off to find the candy!

Lily found one!

A nice afternoon in the woods.

The next day, Sunday, we spent the afternoon and evening at Nana's new property located out toward New Glarus. We are really happy she bought this place.

We did pretty much the same thing at Nana's house, only her woods and property has a lot more space! We hid pumpkins, too, and eventually started a fire to cook over, where we made spiced apple cider, corn, potatoes and dogs. Quite a lovely day.

A panarama shot of Nana's field.

The kids in the field, but shot from the other side.

Nana's meadow, gazebo, and fire pit just before sun set.

Full moon.

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