Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dec 5th, 2009 - first snow, finishing up outside

Well, the first snow of the season arrived a few days ago, depositing a few inches of the white stuff all over Dane County. This spells the end of the majority of my outside work, the remainder being put off until it gets warm. There is still a good deal of work on the dome greenhouse that must be done, but it will have to wait.

However, we did get pretty far on the project. We've got a good deal of the moisture abatement underway; the rest can wait until Spring. I finally got a door on the dome. At the very least, I can plug some of the crack where drafts infiltrate into the warmer interior.

In the last few weeks I got more mesh on the outside of the tire foundation and dug a big trench along the outside perimeter, where we will lay gravel and drain tile and apply plaster to the mesh to repel water.

Saturday morning, just before 10am.

57 deg in the dome, a whopping 72 in the covered beds!!

Everybody inside seems to be doing quite well! You can even see condensation droplets on the inside of the window frames.

When we finally harvest, I will post Katie's recipe for Goddess Kale Chips. They are incredible!

Winter chickens.

Here is a cool shot of our house from across the ridge. That's us waaaay down there!

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