Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday, Dec 6 - 2009

It is starting to get cold up here.  And, although my understanding is that chickens are pretty hearty little creatures who are pretty cold tolerant, it's in our interest to do as much as we can to hedge against the wickedly cold days that will soon come upon us.  So, we had to seal up the chicken coop as best as possible in advance of those very cold days ahead.

The sides of the chicken coop that were once open have now been filled with hay and boarded up.  The sides that were against the interior wall of the garage have just been packed with hay.  This will create a good air pocket to insulate and give the chicken a nice, cozy place to live when the weather gets bad.

Jason, up on top of the chicken coop, securing mylar backed foam sheets to the top of the coop.

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