Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9th, 2009 - SNOW DAY! =)

Nothing like a snow day!  When I was a little boy, it was about the best thing ever.  Now as an adult, it's still about the best thing ever!  Oot where we live, it's very serene when it's a snow day, after a blizzard.  Virtually nobody on the road, save those 'jobbers' with their 4 wheel drive plow truck on their way to or from work.

For me, it's the start of the big test.  Proof that this grand experiment is worth the sweat that I and my friends and family gave to get this green house up and running. 

Here is the garden dome with a cap of snow on top from the recent blizzard.

Inside the dome, the temperature is pretty OK.  You can see the snow load on top.  One of the reasons I implemented a geodesic dome was because of it's natural structural stabilty.  Several hundred pounds of load are evenly distributed amongs the struts and vertices.

... and the temperature is quite nice!  Not very sunny today, so the boxes didn't get to heat up too much.  But it's a nice temperature for kale and swiss chard.  :)

Panarama of the inside of the garden dome.  There is some 'bending' which is an artifact of the panarama function of the camera.

... aaand a panarama of the front, after having spent 2.5 hours snow blowing and shoveling!

And lastly, a play, choreographed by my beautiful daughter, Lillian.  

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