Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day weekend, 2010 - but first, a curiosity

It's a beautiful day! It's the first of June and I have the day off.

But, before I get into the latest happenings, I would like to share a curious photo. We recently found our camera that has been missing for a few month and in going through old photos we stumbled upon a picture of a frozen egg. Over the winter, one has to get the eggs before they freeze!

The strawberries that we planted from bare root early this Spring are taking off. At this point our plants are sending out shoots that want to turn into new strawberry plants. We are experimenting with rooting them out and propagating our strawberries. In soil, this would happen on it's own, but since all of our strawberries are in baskets, we will have to propagate or simply snip the shoots so that the mother plant produces.

This is exciting; our grapes are starting to get big! The one on the right we we're suspicious of. It got going late, but not it's looking great. By the next post, these vines will be hanging from the wires and will have little fruits.

Inside the green house, the bedded plants are taking off. The tomatoes in particular are getting very large, coming up to my waste and with very thick trunks. I am confident that we will have nice tomatoes by the months end.

This is the largest of our green house tomato plants. We already are stringing up huge branches!

In the front yard we have expanded. We've cut the area into small, manageable beds that with cardboard / straw mulching to walk in and keep down weeds.

In the back-side, we made large beds with paths in between. The tomato plant that didn't stay in the dome are out here. Notice that the tomato plants are kinda here and there with other things in between. Keeping distance between tomato plants seems to be key in lowering transmission rates of blights and molds, which kill our tomatoes last season.

A tiny little parsley ... aww!

Look! A baby-mater!

This is one of the beds that has lettuce and kale that made it through the winter. The greens are great on salads. The kale is good sauteed with garlic and in soups.

The final frontier ... this is the last section of garden to be planted. Then I'm off to get other things done.

Phalaris Erundinacea.

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