Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 20th - more work on the house

The kids, watching something on the television, Jedi weapons in hand!

Lillian, being incredibly rediculous!


Our new room. Dad and i just put that floor in this weekend. It was not too difficult. The hard part was all of the kneeling. My knees are achy! Check those cabinets. Dad made them on the fly. Pretty impressive work. The room still isn't quite finished. Molding around the windows, closet need shelves still.

A shot of the cabinets and book cases, almost finished.

Another shot of the room.

Here is where the back deck used to be. A simple stair and landing have been put in. Eventually, we will have a simple patio on the bottom with some bushes and river rock.

Lillian insisted that she paint!


Chicken! They we're pretty sure that I was holding, but i was not.

Mmm! Poppies! Laudanum anyone??

A fun shot of Katie and Aiden! Mui guapo!

My old friend Andy and his family will be staying for the next couple weeks. In only 15 minues of them being here, I learned from them of 3 different plants growing right in our front yard that I would have otherwise mistaken as weeds. One is a lemony herb that is will go great in salads! Another is a plant whose leaves can be made into a tea that helps breathing. It can also be smoked for the same effect. The third is a plant whose flowers make a wonderful fruity tea with a ton of vitamin C! More on this next week!

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