Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 28th, 2009 - Foundation building

At work, preparing the foundation for the geodesic dome greenhouse.

The idea is to put down staggered layers of tires and ram them full of earth. At the end, you will have a dense wall of earth encased in steel radials wrapped in heavy rubber. Very strong and high R value.

Jason wailing away.

The kids are also very involved in the process!

Aiden and Lillian in action.

Jim and Andy are sawing away at a tire. We have to cut the tires in half (more of less) when a wall ends. In our case, we need an opening in which to frame a door.

Me and Rachel, Andy's wife. Check out little Baby Chicory on her back!

Avery. Cool dude.

Me, Rachel, and Baby Chicory again!

Andy, Jim and James are figuring out how we put a door in. It is going to require the cutting of some tires ... this will be interesting. This is an aspect of the construction that I am not altogether familiar with.

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