Monday, August 31, 2009

August 28th - Party at Canyon Park!

We got there as things were just beginning. Delvis had not started and people were stilling milling about. What a gorgeous place to have a show and a party! Who knew it would turn out to be the scene that it did!

Tired Rhyme Declines. Yours truly on the drums.

Later that night, Mackenzie did Tarot readings. Let's see ... the hanged man ... the 9 of swords ... and the 2 of swords reversed ... if the cards are right, I would say that things are NOT - i repeat NOT looking good for Jim's haircut ...

Ok Ok Ok already! Enough pictures of us!

Andy watching the band, and Jim brooding about the fate of his haircut.

The magic fairy came and made every magical and sparkly!!

Mackenzie, James and me enjoying the music and freezing our tushes off!

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  1. cool photos.... I had a great time and it was a pretty cool "scene".... like back in the day. I saw that someone posted the it was "like an old time hippie festival".... just the ambiance I was looking for!