Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2nd, 2009 - lotta purple things in our garden

Had quite a nice evening playing music and drinking booze with my close friends. Katie wasn't feeling so well, unfortunately, but made it down to hang out with us anyways. :) I may be able to grab a few pictures of the jam off of friends' cameras.

This afternoon I had to drive to Ill Annoy to drop off my older daughter, Beth, with her mom. I've always wanted to snap a few shots of some of our local scenery while on the road making this trip. Here is one of my favorite views a few miles from home on Route 92.

... and a shot of our 'Compound' as I approach from the south.

Back in the garden. I had to do a little weeding and fertilizing. Here is one of the mystery gourds growing on the A-Frame - shot from underneath.

Finally, some peppers are coming in. They are not too happy living in the new 'lasagna garden' bed as the tomatoes are. Slowly, we are getting peppers in.

Purple kale. Quite gorgeous.

Purple kalarobi. A small pest problem, but nothing urgent.

Eggplant!! Oh man oh man do i love eggplant. I wonder what I will make first with the first mature eggplant that I pull off of there. Katie is slightly allergic to eggplant, but not so much that it is a medical concern. Her mom is very allergic. What a shame! I understand that some people just don't like eggplant, which - for me - is one of life's greatest mysteries. It is nearly the perfect vegetable.

... second only to brocolli ... here are some little ones coming up!

Mmm! Brocolli raw in a salad is my favorite. Steamed is good, too. With some rutabaga and green-beans on the side!

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  1. Looks like you all are very busy and I'm very impressed, looks amazing! Keep up the good work!
    And I'm loving this blog Greg! xoxo - Amy